5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Workouts

Building the core strength is not just about having those six pack proudly extending along the abdomen. There are many much more important muscles that form the body’s core strength. They are located along the entire torso and thighs of the leg. The core strength should be evenly distributed from the shoulder to the pelvic area of the body. They help to control movement of the whole body, ability to stand on two feet, transfer weight for pivoting or lifting heavy objects while protecting the back and spine. So they are an extremely important group of muscles. A good exercise program used in conjunction with a balanced diet and supplemented with vibration plate exercises should tone all the muscles included in the core. The cores strength muscles are:

  • The abdominal muscles at the front called the Rectus Abdominis. They are the set of muscles that give that six pack look.
  • The Erector Spinae are found along the neck to the lower back of the body. The muscle giving support when it rotate or expand is the multifidus. They are found along the whole length of the spine.
  • Along the sides of the abdomen are the obliques, both internal and external.Another group of abdominal muscles are the internal and external obliques which runs along the sides of the abdomen.
  • Deep inside the abdomen is the Transverse Abdominis. They give stability to the spine.
  • Muscles that cover the pelvic and upper thighs are the Hip Flexors. Gluteus medius and minimus. They are located at the side of the hip.
  • The back of the hips and along the upper thighs can be found the Gluteus maximus, hamstring group and the piriformis. A strong set of core muscles improves athletic capability by improving agility in movement, muscle shocks are absorbed more effectively by distributing them to the other muscles and it also promotes good posture.

Firing up the core muscles by simple daily workout is acceptable as a means to tone them. Simple daily workouts can do the job. A set of simple light daily exercises can also help in toning the core muscles like sit-ups, planking and arm sweeps. These are common and ordinary exercises but if done daily they can help in toning and building the core strength needed by the body.

Enrolling in a core strengthening exercise program with supervision of a trained instructor is still the best way to have a well toned body. The instructor would know which exercises are appropriate for any individual, each of whom have different body conditions. A good exercise program can develop or strengthen each muscle more evenly and well distributed to all the muscles in the group. Enrolling in a core strengthening exercise program is an enjoyable activity and encourages the individual to commit to the program. Besides it is also a good opportunity to meet new friends.

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