Alternatives to Breast Enhancement Surgery

I was just curious about this because I was dating a girl who was sort of obsessed with the size of her breasts. I personally thought they were just fine, but then I was never a guy who had a fetish for that, some guys think they need to huge. They probably get used to seeing unrealistic images of women from magazines and movies and TV shows. I was telling her that it was silly, but I think she was going to go ahead with having breast enhancement surgery any how.

I looked around and saw stuff called naturaful, which is a cream which is supposed to make your breasts grow. The claim is that when you rub it in you get some sort of hormones from it which will cause the breasts to get bigger by encouraging the growth of tissue. That is not something that I take at face value, but it does not seem as though there is much that could go wrong with it.

That is because it is just a bunch of herbs from what I can tell. It has wild Mexican yam, mother wort, dandelion root, blessed thistle and oat bran along with a lot of other stuff that I have not any idea what it is. So there is not much chance that you are going to get much adverse reaction to the stuff, that is unless you have some allergy to the stuff in it. I guess that is possible, but I never actually heard of people having allergies to any of that stuff to be honest. I suppose that some people probably are allergic to just about any thing that you could imagine as well. I am not going to pretend to be an expert on that stuff. I looked around and all the other options seemed just as likely to work.

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